Great news about ‘Motorbikes for Marsabit’

Philip and David, who serve nomadic communities in the Chalbi desert in Kenya, receiving their new bikes from Bishop Qampicha

Two years ago, thanks to the giving of a lot of people, were were able to present a motorbike for our friends in Marsabit. That bike has covered over 10,000 kms since then, mostly on un-made roads, so it has been well-used.

Early last year, we were able to fund a second bike, and later a third and a fourth, thanks to the amazing efforts of lots of friends.

Now, I can announce that, thanks to your generosity and to one family in particular who made a very generous gift indeed, we were able to send funds to Marsabit that will allow them to more than DOUBLE the number of ‘Motorbikes for Marsabit’. This is FANTASTIC news, and I want to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made this possible.

The first two bikes of this next batch were handed over recently to two young men who serve amongst the nomadic Gabra people who live in the Chalbi desert, moving from place to place with their livestock. Finding them often requires walking as much as three or fours hours across difficult terrain – journeys that these bikes will do in a quarter of the time. Both riders are thrilled with their new bikes and send their love and thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

Now, most recently, Kenya has been hit hard by the Corona virus that is sweeping the world. All churches and schools are closed. Bishop Qampicha says that “most Kenyans fear that before they die of Corona virus they might die of starvation if nothing is done.”

For that reason, I have said to him that if he needs to divert some of the ‘Motorbikes for Marsabit’ funding in order to assist other work or to support people who are suffering hardship because of the virus, that’s ok by us. He assures me that equipping his workers with motorbikes is still a great thing to do, and that he is still planning to get more as and when he can.



One response to “Great news about ‘Motorbikes for Marsabit’”

  1. Fantastic news for a great project. Huge thanks to you Elwin for triggering it all. It will be transformative for the ministers and ministry in Marsabit. Peter

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