Thank you! The ‘West Ham Archdeaconry’ bike has been handed over

In Advent, I set the churches of Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest a challenge. Could we raise the funds to buy a motorbike for our friends in the Diocese of Marsabit, in Kenya? I had met Bishop Qampicha at the Bradwell Festival last year, and he’d told me that often a motorbike is the onlyContinue reading “Thank you! The ‘West Ham Archdeaconry’ bike has been handed over”

Serious action is needed to end the legal ‘crack Cocaine’ draining millions out of Newham

Those machines in seaside amusement arcades that we visited in our youth were not called ‘one-armed bandits’ for nothing. We knew that like real bandits they would always take our money in the end, but the amounts were small and we got a bit of fun out of it. At the other end of theContinue reading “Serious action is needed to end the legal ‘crack Cocaine’ draining millions out of Newham”

A West Ham Motorbike for Marsabit

West Ham are giving a motorbike to Marsabit! Will you help? By ‘West Ham’, I don’t mean the football club, of course.  I’m referring to the lovely people who are part of Anglican churches in Newham, Redbridge and Waltham Forest which, together is the Archdeaconry of West Ham.  And by ‘Marsabit’, I mean our friends inContinue reading “A West Ham Motorbike for Marsabit”

If we claim to be right….

No-one is perfect. Everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Admitting that is a foundation for building tolerance and understanding. When asked whether he had ever asked God for forgiveness, Donald Trump replied that he had not, saying in an interview with CNN that he does not regret never asking God for forgiveness, because he doesn’t haveContinue reading “If we claim to be right….”

Happy Christmas, West Ham fans…

Whether or not you’re a fan of Brexit, Donald Trump, or the move to the Olympic Park, it feels like 2016 has been a year of disagreement and discontent.  For West Ham fans trying, like our team, to find our bearings in the new ground, it has been doubly difficult. Some us find ourselves sittingContinue reading “Happy Christmas, West Ham fans…”

Education, Education, Education…

Are we the product of our education? Or are the schools and even university that we attended irrelevant?  For thousands of parents in this country who pay huge school fees to send their children to the right place, the answer is obvious. For others it can be said that they have succeeded – or failedContinue reading “Education, Education, Education…”

The Barnabas factor: The secret behind England’s 1966 World Cup triumph?

As every football fan knows, Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters were at the heart of England’s victory in the 1966 World Cup. All three came up through West Ham’s renowned youth system and were nurtured by Ron Greenwood, still West Ham’s greatest manager ever. When, as a star-struck fan, I met Ron GreenwoodContinue reading “The Barnabas factor: The secret behind England’s 1966 World Cup triumph?”