Grace Manieson-Annancy, founder of ‘Grace’s Place’ RIP

  I’m very sad to have heard the news today that Grace Manieson-Annancy has passed away, at home, in Akosombo, Ghana. After retiring as Principal of Akosombo International School, where she nurtured hundreds of grateful pupils, she devoted herself to serving the poorer local children by teaching them to read.  She started with just aContinue reading “Grace Manieson-Annancy, founder of ‘Grace’s Place’ RIP”

East London D-day hero chaplain remembered

A South London woman has unearthed a tragic story of a Leytonstone chaplain killed in World War Two after discovering his name on an antique suitcase.  As the local paper, the News Shopper, reported, ‘Jenni Crane, 35, bought the suitcase last year when shopping in Crystal Palace with the intention of using it as decoration andContinue reading “East London D-day hero chaplain remembered”

Project Paddington shows that we care. And that matters.

                As a child, I loved Paddington Bear. With his floppy hat, his duffle coat and his liking for marmalade, he was a very appealing character, and the stories about his life with an everyday London family were great fun. In arriving from (apparently) ‘darkest Peru’ with justContinue reading “Project Paddington shows that we care. And that matters.”

What do West Ham’s manager and East Ham’s MP have in common?

                Here’s a confession: I am a big fan of West Ham United’s manager, Slaven Bilic. Many years ago, when he was playing for West Ham and I was the club chaplain, I found myself in the same hospitality lounge as him, both of us having arrived earlyContinue reading “What do West Ham’s manager and East Ham’s MP have in common?”

Why I am not standing for General Synod

General Synod. Whether we like it or not, it is arguably the most important decision-making body in the Church of England. Anyone who cares about the mission of the church in this country will want to see Synod working well. As someone who has been around the C-of-E for a few years, I think IContinue reading “Why I am not standing for General Synod”

Never give up on yourself…

I’ve been remembering my old schoolmate, Malcolm. You probably won’t have known him, and you never will now, because he died recently, in France, after a long illness. He was 56, which is no age these days. And he was a remarkable musician and an international authority on Early Music. Such achievements would have surprisedContinue reading “Never give up on yourself…”

The Bishops were right…

  The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, probably isn’t going to suffer the fate of 12th-century Thomas a Becket, happily.  But the response of some to the bishops’ pre-election pastoral letter has been to echo Henry II’s cry ‘Will no-one rid me of this turbulent priest?’  It’s as if the Church of England has committed a cardinal sin by getting involvedContinue reading “The Bishops were right…”

‘We preach Christ crucified…’

Like all good archdeacons, I listen to my betters, so when the Archbishop of Canterbury revealed on Desert Island Discs that he is a fan of The West Wing, I bought the boxed set of all seven series and 156 episodes. If you’ve ever watched the West Wing you will know that candidates for anyContinue reading “‘We preach Christ crucified…’”