Three lions: England has cause for celebration

I’m in pain. Getting up in the middle of the night, in the dark, I walked into a ladder that I forgot I’d left on the landing, and I stubbed my toe, hard. It hurts. A lot. So I’m feeling even more sorry for myself than I was when England lost to Italy and theContinue reading “Three lions: England has cause for celebration”

The God of second chances – and more

Anyone who followed West Ham United in the late 1990s will remember one particular player who was much loved for his fearsome tackling and combative nature. I’m talking, of course, about John Moncur, who was the sort of player that every manager would want in their squad. Fiercely committed, he would keep fighting for aContinue reading “The God of second chances – and more”

The writing on the wall…

The Book of Daniel, in the Old Testament, written thousands of years ago, is often startlingly relevant. Here’s the bit where an all-powerful king, surrounded by sycophants and money, sees the writing on the wall: King Belshazzar gave a great banquet for a thousand of his nobles and drank wine with them. 2 While Belshazzar was drinking his wine, he gaveContinue reading “The writing on the wall…”

Great news about ‘Motorbikes for Marsabit’

Two years ago, thanks to the giving of a lot of people, were were able to present a motorbike for our friends in Marsabit. That bike has covered over 10,000 kms since then, mostly on un-made roads, so it has been well-used. Early last year, we were able to fund a second bike, and laterContinue reading “Great news about ‘Motorbikes for Marsabit’”

You lovely people did it again – and again!

Well, folks, you’ve surpassed all expectations. I’m gobsmacked. Back in 2017, we were given the challenge of raising enough money to buy a motorbike to enable our Kenyan colleagues to serve remote communities in the vast, arid region of Marsabit, in the north of that country. You responded brilliantly, and in February 2018 I hadContinue reading “You lovely people did it again – and again!”

What links Sunderland, West Ham and reading the Bible?

Well, I can honestly say that it was on a very long drive up to Sunderland to watch them play West Ham that I really discovered reading the Bible. I was already a student, training for ordination, so I’d heard many Bible readings in church and I’d even led Bible studies looking at whole chaptersContinue reading “What links Sunderland, West Ham and reading the Bible?”

Protecting the precious eco-system of Epping Forest

One of the great things about east London is its open spaces. We have great shops, busy streets, fantastic shopping centres and any number of places of entertainment, but we also have some lovely open spaces. The need for these was recognised in the 19th century with the passing of the Epping Forest Act, protectingContinue reading “Protecting the precious eco-system of Epping Forest”

Six ways your church can get involved with Thy Kingdom Come

          ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ is happening in May across the country. Here are six ways in which your church can get involved. 1. Initiate a prayer station (see ‘Bright ideas for your church’ for examples). Let it be somewhere that people can leave the names of the five they are prayingContinue reading “Six ways your church can get involved with Thy Kingdom Come”