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Generous churchwardens give to ‘Grace’s Place’

June 6, 2013


The Churchwardens and clergy who attended the recent ‘Visitation’ service in Wanstead responded immediately when told about Grace’s Place. I’ve just received a cheque from Wanstead Parish, who organised the evening, and I’m bowled over that it was nearly £1,000.
There’s a long way to go yet, but we’re about to send information about Grace’s Place to lots of generous people across East London, and we know that they will respond in lots of imaginative ways.

We want to build a permanent place where children can come to read and learn in peace and safety. We’re calling it Grace’s Place: Can we make it happen? Yes, together we can!


Become one of Grace’s Angels!

March 13, 2013

In the theatre world, people who invest their money to make productions happen are known as ‘angels’. Well, Grace and the children of Akosombo need some angels to help them realise their dream of a permanent home for their books and bookshelves.
Could that be you? Already, one angel has made a stonking donation of £1,000. The target is just £20,000, meaning that we only need another 19 people to give £1,000 each, or 190 people to give £100, or… – you get the picture.

So, will you be an angel for the children of Akosombo, who only want somewhere to learn to read in safety? If so, you can donate now by using a bank debit or credit card and going to

Don’t forget to gift-aid your donation if you’re a UK taxpayer. Let George Osborne give to Grace’s Place too!